Cavi-Mate Order & Installation

How to Order


For Cavi-Mate frame formers we need the following information:

Overall brick to brick width (a)*
Overall brick to lintel height (b)*
cavity width
Three or four sided former
Check reveal

*we can work from structural opening or actual window sizes

Installation Details

Build inner and outer course up to cill level and locate the corner cleat sub-frame into the cavity. Build up one course of brick and blockwork and insert sub-frame brick ties at each side.

Continue to build around sub-frame, inserting brick ties at every course of blockwork.

Build up to lintel height and set lintel and ventilation system in position.

Continue to build until you are ready to fit your window. Fit a minimum of two jamb clips to the outer window frame and simply clip the glazed window in place

Cavi-Mate EPS


Cavi-Mate Fire Stop – Check Reveal


The approach used to calculate the thermal resistance of its minimum thermal resistance path was in accordance with the guidance given in BRE IP 8/08. The minimum thermal resistance calculated for Cavi-Mate is 0.703m²k/w